Cultural Heritage in 3d

The Exponential Group has a special task force for digital scanning, 3D & 360° scanning and photogrammetry and works closely with the expert team from bgis Kreative Ingenieure GmbH from Berlin, Germany. Together we have built up a mobile 3D scanning unit which operates worldwide and has succesfully scanned several hundred pieces and more than 35 buildings of the Sacred Collection of the National Museum in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan  - with high praise and recognition from the Ministry of Culture and also representatives of UNESCO.

Cultural heritage faces many challenges such as armed conflicts, targeted destruction, natural disasters and natural aging. To reduce the risk of such artifacts or buildings disappearing and to increase access, custodians of cultural heritage regularly engage in making reproductions of the movable heritage held in collections and the immovable heritage held on-site. Catastrophes such as the fire in the roof truss of the Notre Dame have brought the importance of preserving human cultural heritage into the public eye. For books and inscriptions, we have the leading document scanners that immortalize writings in two dimensions.

Small Objects